Stand 14.04.2020

What's nocovid.io?

nocovid.io is a browser based game, which you can play savely from home, while you wait for the end of this pandemic.

What's the goal of nocovid.io?

Your job is to put infected cells into quarantine. This saves healthy cells from an infection and gives the infected cells the possibility to recover savely.

How do I play nocovid.io?

When you move your mouse around the Player will follow it's direction and leave a trail behind. If you close the trail into a loop, the loop will become a Quarantine. Put red (infected) cells into a quarantine to get points. When the red cells turn green, they are healed and you can set them free again by moving into a quarantine again and breaking it.

How do I survive?

Don't hit the moving enemies! They are fast and have no mercy. You also need to keep the Infection Rate under 100% - so be fast.